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Nautical Vessel

I love all things nautical which is why this piece immediately caught my eye.

This locket is the perfect vessel to house a custom cremation painting on one side, and a picture of your loved one or pet in the other.

You pick the colors for me to use and I will create an ocean of love for you to hold.

Nautical Vessel Blank


Choose the colors for me to create your memorial painting in one side and put a picture, lock of hair, or snippet of clothing from your loved one in the other!

Blue Galaxy

This piece is a cremation piece. The colors used were inspired by galaxy swirls using color-shift paints.

With this type of memorial piece, it is an option to be able to feel the ashes in the piece. This is entirely optional, but some like to be able to feel the texture of the piece. If this is something you prefer, please let me know when you order.

Blue Galaxy Nautical Vessel

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