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Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions I come across.
If you don't find your answer here, feel free to contact me!

My loved one was not cremated.  Do I have to use ashes, or can I use something else that is meaningful to me?​

Cremation is the choice for about 50% of people these days.  If that wasn't your loved one's wishes, or you chose not to cremate your pet at their time of passing, then you might feel like you cannot have a memorial pie​ce created for you.  That is not true!  Clothing, jewelry, locks of hair, book pages, and pictures can be used to create a memorial piece as well.  If you are unsure about something you want to use to create a piece, contact me and I can give you the answers you need.

How many ashes do I need for a piece?

This is a very common question.  

I use only about a teasp​oon of ashes per necklace.

I use about a tablespoon for an orb, pyramid, or large gem.

How many ashes do I need for an art piece?​

The amount to be used for an art piece will vary.  It depends on how much you want used in the piece and how you want them used in the creation.  Larger canvases typically call for a larger ​volume of ash, but it is ultimately up to you.  

What do you do with what you don't use?​

I return absolutely everything I don't use back to you, so that you and your loved one can fully be reunited.

How long does it take for you to create a memorial piece?

The length of time it takes for each type of memorial piece will vary depending on how many orders I'm working on.

Pendants, lockets, bracelets, earrings, money clips, keychains, & keepsake boxes usually take around 7-10 days for me to complete.  

Orbs, pyramids, and large gems take about 2 weeks.

Memorial art pieces take a bit longer.  From the time I create the piece to the time it is ready to ship back to you will vary depending on the size of the piece.  Time for pieces 5" x 7", 8" x 10", 11" x 14", 12" x 24", & 18" x 24"  is about a month.  Larger pieces take a little longer, up to a month an a half.

The reason being is that the paint needs the proper time to cure to ensure that your piece does not crack, peel, or fade.  After the paint is finished curing, I seal it to further protect your piece.  

Should I give a cremation piece as a surprise gift to a loved one?

I understand how meaningful a gift like a cremation piece can be, but something I have learned is that not everyone reacts the same to this type of gift.  Not everyone's personal or religious beliefs agree with what should be done with the remains of a loved one.  This is something I absolutely respect.  This is why I do not recommend giving a cremation piece as a surprise gift.  If you are considering creating a memorial piece for someone, it is best to communicate with them and ask if this is something they would appreciate as much as you might.  Let them know your intentions and discuss their preferences.  Please do not be offended if they tell you they do not desire this type of gift.

Do I get to pick the design for my jewelry?

Absolutely!  You choose the pendant style and material and the colors of paint I will use.  I recommend you pick anywhere from 3 to 7 colors for your piece, but that's just my suggestion.  I can work with most any color combinations.

I don't have a PayPal account and I'd rather not sign up for one.  Do you have another payment method?

PayPal is the only payment method that my website host accepts directly, however I do accept all major credit cards through Square, Venmo, & Google Pay ([email protected]).

How do I get you the ashes/clothing/picture/etc​ for my piece?

Great question! Depending on what material you are sending, the postal service has different requirements for shipping.  

If you are sending a lock of hair, a picture, or an article of clothing, you are welcome to send it as you would any normal parcel.  I recommend packing whatever you are sending securely and sending it priority.

For cremated remains, or ashes, there are specific requirements for preparing, packaging, and shipping human or animal cremated remains.  The United States Postal Service offers the only legal method of shipping cremated remains domestically or internationally.  I will ship back any materials I do not use in my creation, unless otherwise requested.

For the best information, please visit 

"The postal service requires that the ashes are packed in two separate containers: an inner and outer container.

■ The inner container must be strong and durable and be constructed in such a manner as to protect and securely contain the contents inside and it must be properly sealed so that it is siftproof. A siftproof container is any vessel that does not allow loose powder to leak or sift out during transit. 

■ For international shipments, the inner container must be a funeral urn.

If you are shipping cremated remains in a decorative vessel or urn, use proper padding to keep the container stable and prevent breakage due to processing and transportation.

The outer container must be strong and durable and siftproof as well.

Clearly Identify and Mark the Contents

To make sure the Postal Service can identify your loved one’s cremated remains during processing and transportation:

■ Mark the identity of the contents on the address side

next to the shipping label.

■ Use the Postal Service Cremated Remains label

(Label 139), which is available at your local Post


Ship Using the Postal Service’s Required Shipping Service. The U.S. Postal Service is the only shipper that allows the shipment of cremated remains. Here are the guidelines for domestic and international shipping of cremated remains:

If you’re shipping to a domestic address You must ship cremated remains using Priority Mail Express service. The Postal Service offers 1-Day or 2 Day guaranteed service with delivery by 10:30 a.m. (for an additional fee), 12 noon, or 3 p.m., depending on the origin and destination ZIP Codes location. Sunday or a.m. delivery is available to select destinations for an additional fee.

If you’re shipping to an international address Cremated remains are permitted to be mailed to an international address, under the following conditions:

■ Cremated remains are not otherwise prohibited by the destination country. You can verify this by checking the Individual Country Listing in the Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, International Mail Manual (IMM®).

■ The package is sent by Priority Mail Express International service (with this method being available for the destination country).

■ Package the cremated remains as described in the Packaging section of this brochure.

■ Complete the required, applicable customs declaration form and indicate on the form that the package contains cremated remains. To determine the applicable, required customs form, see IMM 123.61.

■ The Universal Postal Union requires cremated

remains to be packaged and mailed in a funeral urn per the IMM."

I have an idea for a piece, but I don't see anything like it here.  Can you create it for me?

I welcome a challenge!  I have made many custom pieces for clients that I would have never thought to create myself!  If you have an idea for a piece, get a hold of me and we can talk about the possibility of creating it for you!

Contact Me

I hope the answers in this FAQ page were able to help you with any questions you might have had.

If not, please do not hesitate to contact me about anything you need answered!

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