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Castle Book

This is one example of what the customizable book looks like with a charm on the front. This book is perfect for those who loved to read fantasy tales. Keep their imagination alive in this book.

If you want an example of how certain colors will look inside this book, my oval pendants and my other book lockets will give you an idea.

Castle Book Blank


Choose the colors for me to create your memorial painting in one side and put a picture, lock of hair. or snippet of clothing from your loved one in the other!

Pink Nebula

Keep the sky inside of your castle.

I was inspired by the Pillars Of Creation for this piece.  My client wanted more pink in their piece than in the photo, but I feel like I kept with the idea well.

If this creation inspires you as well, add this piece to your cart to get a similar piece.

Pink Nebula Castle Book

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