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Dee Ketelsen

I am a cremation artist.  

That is a title that you're not likely to hear often.

I started this journey in 2017.  

I was creating custom fluid art & jewelry pieces as a freelance artist.  

One day, one of my clients asked me if I could add the ashes of her dog 

to one of the necklaces she ordered.  

It gave me pause because I had never thought of doing it before.  

After doing some extensive research, I agreed.  

 I did not know how much people needed what I create 

until I saw the beautiful and heartfelt reactions 

as I handed them their custom piece. 

Their custom peace... 

Tears, hugs, and tissues are common place here.

Since then, I have created over a hundred pieces for people all over the world!

I have fully devoted my time to creating these custom pieces for those who need them. 

I've spoken with funeral homes and pet clinics to offer my services. 

I've even been invited on Paula Sands Live to speak about what I do.

I am offering my services to you. 

If you have the cremated remains, a lock of hair, 

or clothing fabric of a loved one or pet you have lost, 

I can use it to create a wonderful memorial piece for you.

I want to give you a different and meaningful way to preserve and honor your loved one.

My jewelry will allow you to hold your loved one close to your heart, 

and keep them with you wherever you are. 

My artwork will allow you to display the memory of your loved one 

in a tangible, beautiful way.

Professor Fartsparkles

The Professor is our head of H.R. around here.  He has a PhD in Splootin​g 

and a Masters in melting my heart.

He's still working on those TPS reports.

Click the links below to visit my pages on 

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.